Check engine light but no codes

Over a period of about two months my 2013 CX-5 has had the check engine light come on but not had any codes stored twice. The light stays on until I disconnect the battery.
I didn't know it was possible for it to light without a code. Has anyone else run into this?

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I have no first-hand advice, but a quick Google search yielded this article with some handy tips (I'm not being snarky about you searching the internet.)

This guy's #1 tip was to check the OBD reader.
-Is it a low-end one?
-Is the s/w out of date?
-Does it read all the codes for your specific mfr/model car?

But this is just me copying this guy's ideas. He has other suggestions as well.

He did say that the light is coming on because the emissions are out of just don't know why yet.

As an aside, I have a Bluetooth OBD2 reader with software installed on a tablet. I've had the CEL light come on once in my 2019, and the codes were available. It was just a generic issue with the gas cap being loose.
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So the question is:
Can a check engine light come on without storing a code that a code scanner can read?


As @Avoidin Deer eludes to it could simply be the code scanner you are using.

Might be time for an upgrade or replacement:
low end:


more upgrade:

Wisdom on most of the innerwebs is that some ODBII scanners and their software are better than others.

"Most likely the fault code is a manufacturer-specific code, and OP’s tool is simply not good enough and can’t retrieve it "

Without any additional information about what scanner/software used, or where you are located, how the vehicle is driven or even how many miles/kilometers are on the vehicle, any odd/new behaviors -- I am gonna hazard a guess that on a 2013 model the fault in question is emission related (gas cap, mass air flow sensor, O2 sensor, etc).

In the forum resource for knowledge sharing there is a something documented for the DIY person; many Ford/Mazda owners have had good success with Forscan: