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Cheapest repair for dislodged rear bumper reflector on CX-5?

On my 2017 CX-5, a huge pothole partially dislodged the rear passenger reflector from the bumper (the reflector is still partly connected, so it looks like there are multiple connectors and at least one broke). My dealership service department said the official Mazda repair requires replacement of the entire bumper (confirmed by my calls to other dealerships), but said any body shop with a plastic welder should be able to reconnect the reflector easily and inexpensively.

Before I go to a body shop, I wanted to ask whether anyone else has gone the body shop route and what was your experience? Including cost. Thanks.
Pueblo county CO
CX-5 Sport 16.5 6M
Mine broke a mount that's attached to the bumper. Like yours. I found it pretty easy to remove the last screw that still held.

I'm pretty sure some silicon glue or epoxy will easily reattach it and I won't need a new reflector.

I might just reinstall it with the working screw and put a little glue right around the edge to hold it.

I found this special black plastic 3m epoxy at an auto store and it dries almost exactly like OEM black bumper plastic. It was about 8 bucks.

That's pretty cheap.


San Antonio, Texas
'15 CX-5 Miata AWD
They are on ebay and such. Are the mounting points on the bumper broken or the points on the reflector?
Mazda CX - 5
Drivers side reflector (rear bumper) got dislodged on my 2017 cx5 as someone reversed into it. The body shop that my dealer works with sent their guy over. He glued the reflector back into its place with some epoxy. There were broken connectors in my case. It’s been almost 2 years and the reflector is still in its place.

You should give that a shot and my dealer didn’t charge me anything.

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