Cheap custom intake ideas?

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I'm looking to get more induction noise out of my intake system. Ebay ram air intakes seem like a fine idea, but I've heard their filters are sketch. Has anybody just bought a nice cone filter (recommended brands and size?) and stuck it on their maf sensor with a short pipe fitting? It seems like this would do the exact same thing as the ebay filter kits, just without replacing the stock black intake hose.


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aFe pro dry s.......washable and no oiling it like k&n. look on their site at cone sizes for the one you need for whatever intake you do. they have various pipe diameters and cone sizes as well. not by car model unless just doing drop in filter for oem box.
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Having worked with many Mazda cars since the 90s I can tell you that Mazda did not leave anything on the table when they design intake systems.

The downsides of what you want to do is reduced filtration or damage to MAF from over oiling filters and that now you will be sucking in HOT engine compartment air.

The intake air tubes and the position of the MAF is calculated to make the tube a resonant chamber which smooths out engine operation at mid-RPM.

Save your money for things that really improve the performance of the car, such as suspension parts or tires.


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I can tell you that Mazda did not leave anything on the table when they design intake systems.

I remember that when our car was in the development stage, Mazda was working with some aftermarket intake company in an effort to improve the intake.

They couldn't get the intake to perform any better so the collaboration was abandoned.


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there has been that sneaky hack of removing a portion of grille just behind the front mesh. there's a section that lines up with the stock "intake" where after chopping out that piece, you're simply allowing quicker access to outside air and if nothing else slightly reducing pumping loss at cruising speeds. I finally got another grille to try it out on so i'm not chopping the OE grille.

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If you do end up getting an intake, I'd recommend the AEM dryflow filter because you don't need to oil them like others have mentioned in above posts. Filter inlet size would depend on the intake pipe's diameter.