changing to led bulbs...

2000 626 ES V-6
I have a 2000 626 and want to change to all led bulbs on the exterior . I'm told that the low wattage draw led turn signal bulbs may cause the stock flasher to hyper flash [ flash too fast ] or cause some other problem . Has anyone tried leds with the stock flasher [ it is an 8 pin[ 7 metal pins and 1 plastic} GD7A 66 830 model flasher] ? If so, did the leds cause any problems with the stock flasher ? I have tried everywhere online to find a replacement solid state flasher for use with leds , but no luck . I know i also have the option of wiring in load resistors for each bulb to get around any hyper flashing problems, but I have heard they get very warm so you have to be careful of where you put them . Another question: I have only seen 5 ohm , 50 watt load resistors. Does anybody know if those would work ?
As an aside, I also want to install a unit that makes the brake lights flash real quick for part of a second when first applied , then do a slower flash , and then go to steady .....all this in hopes of getting the driver behind you to notice that you are stopping . Ya, I am a gadget freak !