Changelogs For Infotainment Sysytem (1st Generation Mazda Connect)

2018 CX5 SE-L Nav+ 2WD 2.2D 150hp Auto
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CHANGELOGs for First Generation MZD-Mazda Connect FIRMWARE.
Does NOT apply to all New 2019 Mazda 3 (BP).


The following symptoms can be improved by the latest software (Ver. 70.00.335C).
Improved symptoms depend on current software versions.

* In the CMU update package, latest Gracenote database has been included.

* With the improved software, System Update screen menu shows *Update package* instead of *Reinstallation Package*. *Fail-Safe Package* has been removed.

* With the improved software, brand icon in CarPlay screen has been updated.

* With the improved software, font and location of texts like i-stop, i-ELOOP and average data in Fuel Economy Monitor screen have been improved.

* In home screen, white stain appears at the status bar.

* [MX-5 RF] When talking on BT hands-free, person at the other end hears strange voice like with echoes.

* [Mazda6 (VIN 600001-TBD)] Center display turns to a black screen due to that the back light of the display turns off.

* [UK] In LAS and LDWS setting menu, *Rumble* appears as *Rumbl.*.

* Display OFF setting is not kept when ignition switch is turned off and on before CMU goes into sleep mode.

* When certain language using Cyrillic alphabet is selected and USB is selected for audio source, index list for Songs or Artist screen etc. shows wrong character for *b*.

* [Ukraine] Key board shows wrong description for space key.

* [V59.00.502 and later] When playing audio files in a USB memory device, it may take too long to start playing.

* When radio is selected for audio source and a hands free call is finished, radio sounds for a very short period of time even when it is muted.

* After engine start, navigation screen freezes at the loading status.

* When USB is selected for audio source, if the gear is shifted to reverse to display back-up monitor while loading data from a USB device, shifting operation to drive or forward gear changes the screen to the home screen instead of the USB audio screen.

* When using 2017-Q2 EU or older map data, voice message for speed camera does not sound at certain locations. (With the improved software, customers need to update the map data to later version.)

* When an artist is selected via voice command for USB audio, wrong artist*s album may be selected.

* After parking, current location on navigation screen may not move until turning the ignition off and on.

* [Android Auto used at the south latitude or the west longitude] When ACC is on or engine is running in a location where GPS signal is unavailable, a wrong current location appears on applications such as navigation, weather forecast etc. When GPS signal becomes available, correct current location appears. (CarPlay is not applicable.)


The following symptoms can be improved by the previous software updating (Ver. 70.00.100A). Improved symptoms depend on current software versions.

* When receiving an interrupting call while in a call via BT hands-free, selecting *Hold + Answer* results in the black screen. The call is still active but the screen will not recover until turning ignition switch to off.
* [Swedish] Voice message for an incoming call is not proper.
* [Ukrainian] Translations to Ukrainian are not proper.
* [Russia] When using the time zone for the clock setting, it may show wrong time according to older time zone data.
* [V59.00.502 and later] BT connected iPhone shows the pop up screen prompting to download the *Navibridge* application.
* When pressing the volume knob to mute, any audio source will not pause. (With the improved software, any MZD audio (CD, USB memory device or BT audio) will pause.)
* When playing certain BT audio device, *Unknown* is displayed for track, artist and album names.

* When in a call, an interrupting call came within 30 seconds will not be displayed on the screen.
* On certain vehicles equipped with Multi Information Display in the speedometer, inactive customisation item *Sync Average and Trip A* is not greyed out and looks active.
* When using certain mobile device, sender name for a SMS message appears differently from the contact list (phonebook). (First and last names appear in reverse order.)
* When playing music with a play list in a USB memory device, the play list does not appear if the play list consists of more than 50 tracks and includes a title longer than 128 characters.
* When returning to the Fuel Economy Monitor, it does not remember the previously displayed page, Control Status or Fuel Consumption.
* When playing audio using an Android device via USB connection, it suddenly skips to other track.
* When playing audio files in a USB memory device, it stops playing and will not go to next track.
* When playing mp4 audio files in an Android device via USB connection, they are not displayed nor played. (With the improved software, mp4 audio files can be displayed and played. Mp4 video files are still not applicable.)
* When playing a play list for mp4 audio files in a USB memory device, they are not displayed nor played.
* [V59.00.502 and later] Shuffle play for a USB memory device will not play all tracks.
* Play list shuffle play for a USB memory device will not resume correctly and repeat playing the first track several times.
* [V59.00.502 and later] Album art may not appear correctly.
* [V59.00.502 and later] Play list in a USB memory device will not show all tracks if the data with invalid file path in it exceeds 100 tracks.
* [V59.00.502 and later] When playing audio files in a USB memory device, it plays the same track twice with a slight delay in between.
* In the Fuel Economy Monitor, Average Fuel Economy History shows data in wrong order.
* [V59.00.502 and later] It shows the home screen and will not move to other screen.
* After using voice recognition on an iPhone via BT connection, the centre display continues showing own phone number and will not return to the previous screen.
* [V59.00.502 and later] After updating CMU, the contact list (phonebook) and the call history for an iPhone will not appear.
* While driving, it freezes, reboots or continues rebooting.
* On Navigation keyboard setting screen, even if other language than English was selected, English word *Recent* appears in the right. This occurs when the setting has been changed without inserting the SD card.

With Ver 59.00.545 or earlier
* When playing a BT audio device, album art is not available even when it is found in Gracenote database in CMU.
* Speed limit does not show up on the navigation screen on some narrower roads.
* When selecting one of registered favourite radio stations, it may tune in other station.
* An Android 8.0 device is not recognised via USB connection.
* [Only vehicles without Active Driving Display] Traffic Sign Recognition System (TSR) does not keep the alert threshold setting value when performing Factory Reset.
* [Portuguese] Adaptive Lane/Street/Turn messages may not be completely displayed.
* Wrong caller name is displayed for incoming calls.
* Fuel Economy Monitor may display wrong unit
* Cell phone screen may flickers when connected via USB.
* [Polish] Due to wrong translation, the home address will not be cleared on the favourite screen.
* Traffic Sign Recognition System (TSR) does not alert at the correct speed limit alert setting. It may alert at +6 mile for +10 mile setting.
* When setting a destination using the address, *House Number not found* error pop-up message may appear even if the address can actually be set.
* When trying to enter a new destination address, different house number may be appear as a destination while correct house number is actually set.
* When trying to enter a new destination address, some house numbers may not appear in the list to be selected from.
* [V59.00.544 only, except 2017-2018 Mazda3 (Mexico built)] When using Driving Position Memory, a beep sound may not be heard when the driving position adjustment is completed. Display settings for navigation guidance on Active Driving Display may not be kept for the seat position memory.
* i-Pod nano 5th gen will not play.
* [Only vehicles equipped with the Forward Sensing Camera] Warning Guidance message to clear foggy windshield is shown on centre display even if it is not foggy.
System Malfunction is shown on centre display even if it there is no malfunction.
* Fuel Economy Monitor may draw bars twice a minute instead of once a minute.

* [Swedish] Improper translation for Lane keep Assist System. It was modified from *Alarttiming* to *Varningstiming*

* [CX-9] According to the correct design specification, the speed limit is displayed only on active driving display. It should not be displayed in centre display.
* The customise function is limited even if the engine is running.The setting tab works as if the vehicle is in ACC mode.
* [German] Improper translation for Auto Door Lock Mode setting.

With Ver 59.00.449 or earlier
* Stability and response of CMU and Navigation
- Reduced unexpected reboot, blank screen or freeze
- Faster start up
- Faster operational response
* Connectivity and stability for BT device
- Improved stability of connection
- Reduced connection error with internet radio applications
* Stability for USB audio device
- Faster response when many tunes are being read out of USB audio devices
* Connection stability and functionality with iPhone
- Device name can be displayed not only via BT connection but also via USB connection
- Improved stability when iPhone is connected via both BT and USB
* [Italian] When remaining days for scheduled maintenance are less than a month, it appears in month instead of days.
* Incoming call history is not found in centre display.
* Traffic announcement (TA) warning cannot be cancelled
* The favourite DAB radio stations cannot be switched by steering wheel buttons.
* [Swedish] Improper translation in some screens
- Lane Keep Assist setting
- Space for address input in Navigation
- SMS receiving menu
- Turn signal setting
- Navigation compass menu
* When playing music stored in USB memory, it may start with the first tune in the USB memory instead of the last tune that was being played when IG was turned off.

Only with CMU ver 59.00.449
* In DAB radio "Select Ensemble" is selected but nothing happens.

With CMU ver 59.00.326, 59.00.331, 59.00.443 or 59.00.449
* In DAB radio, the radio text, information such as the song name and artist name, is not displayed.

[Mazda3 BM equipped with SCBS or LDWS] Only with CMU ver 59.00.443
* During IG is on, in Warning Guidance screen *SCBS Unavailable* or *LDWS Unavailable* message may be found due to false error detection by CMU. Actually SCBS and LDWS work fine, no DTC is stored in memory and no message appears in Multi-information display in instrument cluster.

[Mazda3 BN and Mazda6 GL] Only with Ver.59.00.443
* Even if AD-Display Settings for Navigation is ON on the screen, the Lane Guidance and Turn-by-Turn are not displayed on AD-Display.

[Except Mazda3 BN and Mazda6 GL] Only with Ver. 59.00.443
* Even if AD-Display Settings for Navigation is off on the screen, the actual status of AD-Display Settings is ON, indicating navigation information on AD-Display.

Only with Ver. 59.00.331
* Clock shows 00:00*
* Language resets to English*.
* The characters of street names displayed on the active driving display are corrupted.
*Clock and language issues only occur when driver*s seat position memory is programmed and move the seat to a programmed position by key or request switch.

Only with 59.00.326 (For RHD)
* If a motorway is closed for vehicles with a total weight of 3.5 tons or more, the navigation detours even for passenger cars less than 3.5 tons.

With Ver. 56.00.513 or earlier
* Language cannot be changed.
* [Croatian language] There are duplicate wording and wrong translations on Fuel Economy Monitor screen.


[Mazda6 GL and Mazda3 BN] If updating from Ver. 59.00.326, Ver. 59.00.331 or Ver. 59.00.443 to Ver. 59.00.502A or later, perform following setting after software was updated.

To activate Lane Guidance and Turn-by-Turn functions of AD-Display, the AD-Display Settings must be changed after SW updating.
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