Changed my power-steering fluid

2014 CX-9 Touring
I don't believe in extended service intervals or fluids that last forever so I do a lot of services at 50k. I'm at 52k miles and the PS fluid was brown and smelled burnt. I replaced it with Idemetsu PS fluid. Steering is firm now like it was get I got the car. I just sucked the fluid out of the reservoir with a 12v pump, refilled, started the engine and turned wheel lock to lock. Did that 3 times and fluid is clear. I normally I hook the pump to the return line and suck the fluid out of the system while refilling the recovery tank but couldn't find an adapter to fit the hose. Hope this helps. This is a pic of the dirty fluid. Next on the list is the transmission. I'm hoping I can do a fluid exchange using the clloer lines in the radiator. That worked great on our Sienna.


Mazda CX-9 Grand Touring 2016
Hydraulic steering is like any hydraulic needs clean fluid. You did the right thing to extend the life of those expen$ive parts. One more thing you can do...add a filter to the return line. A Magnefine in-line transmission filter works great in the 1/2" size.

Lubegard steering fluid is my favorite. If the owner's manual calls for an ATF, a synthtic ATF works great.

For your transmission you can add the suitable sized Magnefine or Filtran in-line filter in the hot line to the cooler. (After a transmission failure the filter is added in the line from the cooler to catch debris. Before failure the line to the cooler is better, because hot, thin oil filters better.)