Cel p2187

Thanks for all the info you all have provided. I traded in my 07 MZ3 earlier this week for an 07 MS6.

After only driving 100 miles I noticed a check engine light came on. I went to Advance Auto Parts and found the P2187 system too lean at idle speed code. As far as I can tell the car feels fine and the idle is ok. Funny enough, when I plugged the OBDII sensor in, the CEL went away. I didnt clear the code because I want the dealer to see when I take it in.

This car is bone stock other than the Mazdaspeed CAI. I'll check the MAF tonight and make sure all the connections are good.

I did notice that the idle of the turbo 2.3 is louder than my old NA 2.3. I can hear alot of air/vacuum noise (its a consistant sucking noise) and not sure if this is normal. The sucking noise seems to be coming from the front right passenger side of the engine bay near the pullys.

Sorry if this is too much detail but I figured someone hear could use this information and relate it to their own problem. Any suggestions?

Take to the delaer you bought, best advice. They can check for leaks there better than you can and just say i bought the car a month ago and won't pay the diagnostics fee. Make sure the CAI has an air straightener.
2008 mazdaspeed3
I keep throwing the P2187 code and it comes on probably every other day. The other day when i put on my cx racing FMIC i had trouble connecting one of the hoses back to my bov since it was moved from a different location then when i had my stock TMIC. I dont believe the hose is connected completely so tomorrow im going to take out my battery and check it and report back to see if i keep throwing the code. Also, I have a question about the air straightener for the MSCAI... How many straighteners should be in my intake? I have one in their now and another in my glove compartment, should i put the other one in too?
I had same code. It was a broken T on the vacuum line. Fixed erased code and no return. You dont hear any sucking or flutter from bpv,bov?