Cat "not ready" status preventing me from smogging

03 Mazda Protege5
I am trying to get my protege ready to smog, but the Cat and Evap sensor data still reports Not Ready. All other sensors are ready, so I don't really even need the Evap, but I can't get it smogged without the cat showing ready. Anyone run into this issue?
Here are some relevant facts:
Smogged fine 9mo ago, sat for months, stereo drained the battery, which wiped the computer
There are no current check engine codes/light*
I've driven it 175 miles so far.
I used the Drive Mode instructions (four times) from the shop manual (2002+ Mazda Protg and Protg 5) for my model car (2003 P5), but it did not get it ready.
No problems with battery; been driving it.

*I did have a code P0090 Fuel Pressure Regulator, but I replaced the regulator and cleared the code.* MIL has not come back.

This is the drive mode instructions for the Cat/Evap, that didn't work for me:
* Performing the Drive Mode inspects the OBD-II system for proper operation and must be performed to ensure
that no additional DTCs are present.
* During Drive Mode, the following systems are inspected:
* EGR system
* Oxygen sensor (HO2S)
* Oxygen sensor heater
* Catalytic converter (TWC)
* Fuel, misfire and evaporative (EVAP) system
* While performing the Drive Mode, always operate the vehicle in a safe and lawful manner.
* When the WDS or equivalent is used to observe monitor system status while driving, be sure to
have another technician with you, or record the data in the WDS or equivalent using the PID/DATA
MONITOR AND RECORD function and inspect later.
* Vehicle speed and engine speed detected by the PCM may differ from that indicated by the speedometer
and tachometer. Use the WDS or equivalent to monitor vehicle speed.
* If the OBD-II system inspection is not completed during the Drive Mode, the following causes are
1. The OBD-II system detects the malfunction.
2. The Drive Mode procedure is not completed correctly.
* Disconnecting the battery will reset the memory. Do not disconnect the battery during and after Drive
Mode 1 (PCM adaptive memory procedure drive mode)
1. Start the engine and warm up completely.
2. Verify the following conditions and correct if necessary.
* All accessory loads (A/C, headlights, blower fan, rear window defroster) are off.
* Initial ignition timing and idle speed are within specification.
* TEN and GND of DLC are not connected.
3. Perform no load racing at the engine speed
shown in the graph, then idle the engine for more
than 20 seconds after the cooling fan stopped. If
possible, monitor RPM PID for engine speed and
cooling fan status during this procedure.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.