Cargo area storage

I was looking for a way to keep things organized in the cargo area, but I didn’t like what I found available. Closest thing would have been the saddle bag style organizers, but I put the seats down a lot and didn’t want to deal with something that would get in the way.

So I made these PALS panels. 1000D Cordura in Coyote Brown, A55301 webbing, 5038 binding tape, added felt backing to the fabric to give it some heft, and sandwiched in 1/8” sheets of HDPE for rigidity. They attach around the headrests, to the child seat anchor in the seat backs, and to the LATCH bars that extend through under the seats. Used elastic webbing for the bottom attachments so I don’t have to fiddle with anything to put the seats down. Panel backs are also covered in hook side Velcro which sticks the seat back fabric quite well.

The stitching around the binding tape didn’t come out as nice looking as I wanted, but overall I’m happy with the solution.


Avoidin Deer

Central Virginia
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That's pretty cool.

I have one of these:

Before I got my CX-5, I drove trucks for 15 years. I bought a plastic box for my last truck and bolted it down to the bed. Not having a trunk is gotta carry flares, fire extinguisher, something to clean up with after a tire change, etc.

I like your set up, and can see how it's segmented so you can fold down the seats, but doesn't the stuff you're carrying still get in the way once the seats are down?
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Looks really nice, and in particular, good for someone who regularly lugs around a lot of what I would generally call "tactical gear" or many smaller things to keep organization/in-place. And, you have the added plus of satisfaction that it is something you made yourself!