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Good stuff, I think the last point on Final Scoring, Performance Data, and Complete Specs eliminate some of the subjectivity of other reviews/comparisons.


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From the December 2013 Issue of Car and Driver

Just as Sonny or Cher, individually, never lived up to Sonny and Cher, you might assume that the greatest hits from Mazda and Ford are behind us. When Ford sold all but a symbolic slice of its stake in Mazda in 2010, it ended one of the longest-running, most successful automotive collaborations in history. Mazdas chassis expertise and Fords engine know-how produced lively, nimble cars, none more significant than the 2000 Ford Focus. Built on a Mazda platform that wouldnt be used by the Japanese automaker for another three years, that Focus landed on our 10Best list five times and initiated the industry-wide race to build compacts that enthusiasts want.

Mazda and Ford havent peaked, though. Since parting ways, theyve only improved their compact cars, as if knowing what the other was capable of motivated them. Fords compact car still rides on an evolution of that Mazda-developed C-segment platform and is every bit as good as the original Focus. Its earned a spot on our 10Best list for the past two years. Mazdas newcomer is unproven but hardly lacks confidence. A multibillion-dollar investment in new engines, transmissions, and platforms has already returned comparo wins for the CX-5 crossover and the 6 mid-size sedan.

Without Mazdas handling competence or Fords financial stability, neither company would be building these cars todaythe best compacts on the market. Since there can be only one winner, these one-time BFFs are now rivals vying for the title of compact-car king...

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2014 Mazda3 s Grand Touring hatch (10/13)
Nice review, and pretty honest too. The Ford is a nice car, except for its deficiencies. The back seat was a huge turnoff for me, and the Powershift DCT didn't help either, the way they had it set up. Still, it does handle pretty nice.