Can't program key fob

2002 Protege ES
I am trying to program the old key fob from my 2003 Protege to my daughter's 2006 3. I've done the lock/unlock door, the turn the key to on three times and open/close the door three times, but the ECU doesn't respond. If I need to clear the codes in the ECU, how do I do that, if not that, then what? Might the fact the door light doesn't come on have something to do with it? I don't relish spending $35 to $50 bringing it somewhere for them to do it. I also did the diagnostic check that I found on another forum: turn the key on/off four times, open/close door three times. Absolutely no response from the ECU. So, does that mean I need to reset the ECU?
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Mazda 3
If the door light does not come on, it probably means that the switch is not closing when the door is closed. Or it might be that the procedure you're following is not exactly correct or you might not be following it closely enough. I'll post a pic of the door switch later, and verify the correct procedure with my car.
2018 Mazda 3 GT Hatch
Check the FCC number on the remote(s). Make sure the Protoge one matches the one for the M3. When I was looking for one for my wife's 2004 Mazda 6, I was surprised that the ones for the sedan an hatch were different. Even with the right FCC number match, I couldn't an aftermarket one from Amazon to work. You do have to be VERY precise in following the programming sequence.