2016~2021 Can't get rid of Oil Change Due message

I had my 2018 cx9 serviced about 2 months ago and I recently got an Oil Change Due warning message on the dash. I checked my Vehicle Status Monitor screen and saw no wrench icons and even reset the settings but the message doesn't go away. I don't have the manual for the car as I bought it used in January of this year and can't troubleshoot. Is there another setting somewhere that I need to reset?


Try the 1st icon, I think it's supposed to look like a manual. Scroll thru it and you'll see the maintenance tabs, from there you can shut off the message. Sorry not to be more specific but I'm away from the car.


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Here's a link to the online version of the owner's manual.

You'll want to access the Maintenance Monitor as described here.

On my 2018, I have the Schedule turned off, and the Tire Rotation and Oil Change are set for 8,000 km (I'm in Canada).
Ok changed to flexible and did a reset. That seemed to have made it disappear. I always take it in at the specified time the dealer mentions even though I've only out 5k miles on the car since January. Thanks for you help guys.
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Do Not Trust The Dealer. Their only goal is to make a lot of profit--out of your wallet. Buy an owner's manual. Follow that maintenance schedule.