Can't find these floor mats

2016.5 CX-5 GT AWD titanium/black 2016 Miata Club ST MT white
When I was shopping for new floor mats for my CX I found these at Amazon.

Aries MZ03811509 Black Front 3D Floor Liner - 2 Piece

Ordered them and really liked them, still do. As you can see, these are Aries brand. The thing is, on the label on the bottom of the mats, it says MAXpider.

I bought these for my MX.

The Aries and the MAXpider are exactly the same, except one is made for the MX and the other for the CX, duh.

So it looks as if MAXpider also sells these mats in the Aries name. Or they're just rebranded, whatever.

If you can't find the MAXpider mats look for Aries, same thing.