Can a good deal be had now vs the end of the month


I tend to agree that the out the door price is all I care about when shopping for a car. It may not be a useful number to the rest of you when comparing how well you did vs me. But when Im ready to buy I start calling the fleet manager or sales manager at every location EXCEPT the most convenient dealer to my location. I tell them what I want, and ask for their best out the door price. I tell them Ill be buying a car in a few days and will purchase from whoever gives me the best price. Once I have my best price I go to my local dealer and chat with the salesman who is pretending to be my best buddy. I tell him the price I currently have, and tell him if he can match it Ill buy today. Then I let him go fight for me with the manager. And, he will fight because he wants to make a sale and he has to match the price to get a deal. Usually they match or beat it. In one instance they were $100 higher, but I took the deal to save myself a 2 hour drive to the place with the best price.
Doesn't need to be that complicated.. I wanted to be quoted selling price without any rebates(was financing with .9%) plus their doc fee.. Sales tax, title and DMV are a fixed cost, so adding in those makes no sense to me. Most dealers don't want to add everything in for their quote and I didn't need them to..Price plus doc fee is all that matters.


Yes I agree that the OTD price makes it easier to quickly negotiate between dealers when making a purchase. It makes them less likely to play with the numbers.