Brians Mazda 323f

Mazda 323f Hatchback
As ive posted in the 100k page I thought this would make more sense as this will be an ongoing project i hope, My pride and joy. And i need to correct myself I originally said 78000mile ive just checked dismorning when checking the oil popped the bonnet catch and seen 72kmile and change.

What do you guys suggest supension wise, go the lowering springs or splash out on coil overs or go completly mad and bag it [emoji23].

Its my daily and has been used to carry everything from 5 adults, bags of clothes a dog and nearly everything from ikea, and still runs well.

My to do list:

Before Feb:
HT leads
Spark plugs

Before June:
Oil+filter, air filter, cabin filter
Fuel filter (if i can find it) [emoji23]. Have checked under the back seats and under the carpet nothing there.



The Diagram Dude
2002 MP5
I'd suggest trying to find a factory service manual for your specific model.

You might be able to find one locally or go to the dealership and pay the big $ to get it.

If you ever pop a code or want to do regular maintenance it will show you exactly what to do.


The Diagram Dude
2002 MP5
Amazon has it so I'll order that and see if its for the hatchback

The Haynes manual should help but I've had problems with them when they cover too many makes, models and years in one book and the pictures they show look nothing like what you've got.

And I'll bet it doesn't cover the 1.3 L engine.

I'm talking about going to the Mazda dealer and spending the big $$ and getting the Mazda Factory Service Manual the techs use.

It tells you all the exact specifics of your car without the clutter of a bunch of different models.

We were lucky here on the forum to have a free download but you may have a hard time finding that for your car.
Keep checking eBay and such for a used one.