Brand new rare Japanese made to order Tein coilovers for 12-16 CX-5

I purchased these towards the end of last summer so I can have them ready and shipped prior to the new season. Life made some turns and I can no longer build the car for the summer. These coilovers are custom made to order straight from the source Tein Japan. Below are the specs that were given to me. I paid $570 not including shipping. The box weighs 71 lbs so it will be extremely expensive to ship unless one of you are willing to pay. I am more than happy to meet up with a local buyer ( tri state ). Please shoot me some offers, this set is seriously a great catch for anyone trying to set up there cx 5 for the summer!

TEIN Dampers - Street Advance Z (GSMB2-91AS3)
Street Advance Z Coilover Kit
OEM Front Mount
Rigid Upper Rear Mount
EDFC Compatible
Requires EDFC Motor Kit EDK05-12120
Spring ID (F) : TBA
Spring ID (R) : TBA
Spring Length (F) : 250mm
Spring Length (R) : 263mm
Spring Rate (F) : 336lbs/in (6kgf/mm)
Spring Rate (R) : 252lbs/in (4.5kgf/mm)
Ride Height Range (F): -2~-0.7in (-52~-17mm); Ride Height Range (R): -2.5~-1.2in (-63~-30mm); From 02/2012 Thru 11/2016 Production Date; KE2FW

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