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2001 Corvette coupe
well well well time to revamp this thread.. so ive been on hiatus.. still own the car.. and it still pretty much looks the same as it did in the last few original post pics.. all blue and black engine bay color scheme.... the shop was a terrible investment and made me broke for like a year or so.. i feel bad kinda because i just up and left the forums suddenly. ill post NEW pics soon..

Glad to see your alive!
2007 mazdaspeed 6
holly s*** amazing speed 6 ! the rims are exactly the styling i was looking for but i wanted a 18x9 or 9.5....

any ideas where i can look for that? i've been on countless websites and havent found what i want yet
2006 Black Mazdaspeed 6
Done very well. I'm only 20 myself on a budget which I'm sure you know these things take time and pretty pennies. Ever consider a body kit? or see any that flow well on a 6?


Nip Slip!
MazdaSpeed 6
Recent Picture!!..


Been pretty busy as of late. Currently working on a motor build. Other then that, been really enjoying the car this whole summer.


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Uh... Major thread revival here... You may not even have the car anymire, but. What was the length of the Splitter support rods? 4"? @BoostedSpd6

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