Bluetooth in 2007 MS6 (GTA car kit or XcarLink)

Mazda, MazdaSpeed 6

I would like to get Bluetooth capability in my 2007 Mazdaspeed 6 Grand Touring for phone calls and for playing music.

I am trying to decide between the GTA car kit or the XcarLink. Is there another option to consider? I just came across the Grom Audio option....

My stereo is stock. It is the in dash 6 disc Bose system. I do have a satellite radio installed, but I do not have a subscription, don't use it and never will.
I am not too concerned about being able to play music from a USB drive or aux stereo input (headphone jack).

1) Any help or experiences are appreciated.

2) I already get a little stereo whine on the radio when my phone is charging (I feel like I might also experience this when the headlights are on as well). How should I address that? I'm expecting it might be worse if the music is coming from the device that is charging? Some sort of ground loop isolator? I'm not familiar with these. Does it go in the cigarette lighter circuit or the power supply or ground for the stereo? Feel free to recommend a brand/supplier.

3) Lastly, it looks like the stereo treats these two BT devices like an external CD player and you use the CD button to select them. The stereo has a "Media" button. What the heck is that for?! Why didn't Mazda utilize it? Why don't these auxiliary input/Bluetooth companies (GTA or XcarLink or Grom) use it? Just curious.

Thank you for the help,
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