Blown head gasket for CX-5 Diesel

CX5 Akera 2.2 Diesel
There is an active recall on all earlier Mazda CX5 diesels in Australia.

Just go to the Mazda Au website and find the recalls page, and put your VIN number in and it will tell you if yours is covered. Or, contact your local Mazda dealer and they will help you.

I had the recall done on my Nov 2015 Akera a week ago, on my car it was simply a replacement of a fuel return hose, check and clean the intake shutter valve, and apply software updates.

The mechanic said that the work required is specific to ViN numbers and varies between vehicles. Some call for more extensive work than others.

Mazda will be writing to all affected owners shortly to advise of this recall if the vehicle is not taken to a dealer for servicing beforehand.
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