Blown 1.5 MZR at 83K Miles... Need Workshop Manual

Bit of backstory, I purchased a 2011 2 about 3 months ago, when I bought it, it had 73K miles. It was a single owner car that spent most of its life in Houston (where I am) and was serviced at multiple different Mazda dealers in the area. After inspecting it thoroughly I bought it. No leaks, no noises aside from a bad motor mount. After I replaced that I did the required maintenance including new plugs, air filters, oil changes with Mobil 1 and Wix filters, etc etc. I put nearly 10K miles on it due to multiple road trips and my long commute to work. It ran great with no issues.

This past Sunday my better half and I were cruising down the freeway and BANG, metal and oil and smoke flying out the back of the car down the freeway. I quickly shut it off, coasted to the shoulder and had it towed home. Upon investigation I found that the #1 rod bearing must have spun and seized on the crank journal, and on the downstroke snapped the rod and sent it through both sides of the block. You can see clear through the block and the rod is bent up pretty bad. Oil pan was damaged and the passenger side axle carrier was snapped clean off of the block.

Anyways, the past couple of days I pulled the engine and transaxle out, and I have a newer 47k mile engine coming in this Friday from my buddy with a commercial LKQ account. That being said, I have to strip down the engine to the bare long block, as the new engine is a long block and not a complete assembly. I need a service manual with all of the torque specs for the crank cradle bolts, flywheel bolts and pressure plate bolts, etc. when it comes time to assemble it back together this weekend.

I found a thread on Reddit with a full service manual but after trying to click the link today the site 404's and I am stuck without any torque specs. I am very experienced with building and swapping engines (I have a bare MX5 shell I am converting into a 1/4 mile drag car in the garage) but I cannot do without these torque specs.

Any help sourcing the workshop manual?
I found some of the specs I need, and will post them here in case anyone is replacing the clutch on their 2.

Flywheel bolts: 97-103 Nm (72-75 lb/ft)
Pressure plate bolts: 18-26 Nm (14-19 lb/ft)
Bellhousing bolts: Lower 4 and Second from Top Right - 38-52 Nm (29-38 ft/lb), Remaining 4 (Two Upper, One Below Starter and One Above Driver Side Axle Shaft) - 64-89 Nm (48-65 lb/ft)

Manual transmission fluid capacity is 3.07 US qts using 75W-80 GL-4 gear oil.

Crankshaft harmonic balancer: 157-167 Nm (116-123 lb/ft)
Camshaft caps: 12-14 Nm (100-125 lb/in)
Cylinder head bolts: 18-22 Nm (13-16 lb/ft) AND additional 85-95 degrees
Oil pan bolts: 8-10 Nm (71-88 lb/in)
Oil pump: 19-25 Nm (15-18 ft/lb)
Intake manifold to cylinder head: 19-25 Nm (15-18 ft/lb)
Fuel rail to intake manifold: 17-25 Nm (13-18 ft/lb)
Exhaust manifold to cylinder head: 39-46 Nm (29-33 ft/lb)
EGR pipe nuts: 32-47 Nm (24-34 lb/ft)

Those are most of the important torque specs, most everything else can be done by feel. I could not find the rotating assembly service and torque specs in this manual though.

This is the site I found: