Blind spot Mirror attachment: Which is better spot?

1.75" diameter Blind spot Mirror - where is the right place to attach it on the mirror top extreme corner?

Any of you experimented with it?


2015 Mazda 6
first - do you have your mirrors properly setup? if you don't see the sides of your car/ car door when you peek into the mirrors, you don't have a blind-spot. go by this rule, and you won't need any other sort of blind spot equipment.
if you see the sides of your car in the mirror, you will have a blind-spot.
Well, these are third party mirrors. That's as far as they will go. I do wish they went out a little more. With that said, the view is better than the stock mirror. And being able to still see the car next to you when it is within eye view of the driver's side mirror is good enough for me.

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