Bizarre FOB Behavior

Hi all,
I'm really hoping that this community can shed some light on the issues with my car.

I recently bought a 2005 hatchback with the 2.3L. It only came with a single working key and no functioning FOBs. I ordered 2 fobs online through ebay which arrived today. After repeated attempts to program them to the car, I had no luck with either of them. I then decided to try to program the one fob that came with the car (fob had no back half until I took half off of 1 of the new fobs.) It programmed to the car, BUT the lock and panic buttons are reversed!!! ie. if you push the lock button, it sets the horn off and if you push the panic button, it locks the car!!!! (wow) The unlock button works as normal.

Any ideas how to fix this? Anyone ever heard of this behavior?
Any ideas how many fobs can be programmed to a single car? How does one go about clearing old fobs out of memory?
Is it likely that the new fobs cannot be programed because the max number are already stored in memory? Or should I try and return them?

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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