Big brakes on Mazda CX 5


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Possible? Anything is possible. Is there a pre-assembled kit? Probably not.


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You would need a custom mounting bracket unless they happen to he the same fitment (unlikely). There are multiple BBKs for the CX5 out there
CYKA being one. You can get true bbk, front and rear with floating caliper if desired.
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You'd have a better chance of swapping the CX5 Turbo's bigger front brakes. But instead I'd be looking at performance rotors (slotted and/or drilled, vented) and pads before going nuts transplanting calipers.
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usually indicate warped rotors

bigger brakes are rarely needed on modern cars - there are 2 issues involved: heat capacity & brake torque

if you can lock the wheels and skid the tires then you have plenty of brake torque

if you race your cx5 you MAY need more heat capacity; rarely this can be an issue lon very long mtn. passes (descent) - for either the first thing to do is to duct in air to the F. rotors; often an owner has not replaced the brake fluid every 2 years (or every race) or has used an inferior product

anyway, use a dial indicator to measure run out on your rotors