Better Windshield than OEM? Got a star crack!

My windshield got a star crack - 2013 model.

In some sense I am worried about ripping off the factory seal and removing the old one.
Wondering if there a better windshield that is legal in California?

Any reputed shops for doing this?

Can I leave the star crack unattended? Have insurance with $100 deductible.
2010 Mazda 5 Sport
Pretty sure there is only going to be one manufacturer for any particular windshield. Most shops will cover your deductible.
2008 Mazda5 GT
No glass is better than OEM labeled. Everything else is OEE (original equipment 'equivalent').

as long as it is not a hair line crack, you can repair the windshield bullseye/star pretty easily for <$10 with very good results even for a novice. Line cracks can also be repaired but you need professional tools and experience...

Mine was replaced in 2013. Pilkington

Good as new since
Winner winner, chicken dinner! The only affordable quality option left (until god knows when they will turn cheap too, just like everyone else). Ironically, I have read some of the Chinese/Korean branded glass are getting better if not better than some previously known brands - PGW crap. There's a LOT of details to windshield and glass technology most folks are not aware of. YOU have to ask for glass vendor and if the shop can't get it, they are likely not a 'great' shop with a poor distribution network. GT owners require rain sensor glass and has a higher cost. Pilkington cost about $320-350 out of pocket around here and take 15 days lead time (I think they are still made in UK). IIRC 1gen uses Nippon glass. Can a 2nd gen post a pick of the 2nd gen windshield?

What you may see on the windshield:
Laminated AS1 * Laminated means the glass is laminated, and AS1 means the glass passes all safety tests.
E code in a circle * means it was made in Europe and the code identifies the country; it also means it passed similar tests to AS1.
CCC in a circle * means it was manufactured in China and passed safety tests similar to AS1.
Windshield manufacturer*s name or logo.
Vehicle manufacturer*s name or logo.
DOT code * DOT means it meets the safety standards and the code identifies the glass manufacturer and must be used if assigned.
R43 * means it meets the European safety requirements.
Glass type * Laminated, Multilayered, Tempered.
SoundScreen * is a trademark for an acoustic glass product used by one automobile manufacturer.
Acoustic or *A* * indicates the windshield is made of acoustic glass.
Transparent 70% min. * a minimum of 70% of visible light must be transmitted through the windshield to be AS1 acceptable. Less than 70% is not AS1 compliant and shouldn*t be used for a windshield.
Roman numerals * identify expanded glass types:
I -extra strong
II -standard multilayer
III -specially treated multilayer glass
IV -plastic glass
V -tinted with less than 70% transparency and not for use as windshield glass
VI -two layers of tinted glass with less than 70% transparency, not for use as windshield glass.
A symbol of a windshield with raised wiper blade and wavy arrows means the parked wiper area is heated.
Serial Number * identifies the product and makes it easier to match replacement glass.
Other symbols or dots may indicate the date of manufacture or other information.
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