2017~2021 Best way to sell new cx-5

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You're replacing the CX-5 with another vehicle. If so, investigate how the sales tax would be computed on the car you're buying, depending on whether you trade your car in or not.

- Mark
Interesting tax implications, something I never would have though of. (I'm not selling anything, but found it very interesting when doing the math.)
Here in Ontario, our tax rate is 13%, so paying tax on the full purchase price vs. paying tax on the difference between the new car price minus the trade in, would be significant.
I bought my car 2 years ago, and traded in my old Altima (for peanuts), so I never checked to see what the tax implication was.
I'll have to dig up my invoice and check.
To the OP: If you only have to pay tax on the difference between the two vehicles, then I'd trade it in for sure.


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Instead of losing thousands, I would go to an upholstery shop and tell them your problem and I'm pretty sure they can help you out.


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Make sure there isn't still 50psi in the tires!(deadhorse)

Looking at post history, that was already covered. OP bought a new set of tires and set them to 34 PSI if I recall.

I am just assuming that is the issue though. Not many posts to go on.
Thanks for all the good ideas. The tax implication is one I hadn*t thought of. And yes, we test drove it several times but my partner has arthritis in her neck and back and finds that after 30 minutes or so the suspension is too stiff. The passenger seat doesn*t allow for added cushions without disabling the airbags, at least for her weight. Otherwise, I like the vehicle and find it comfortable, with the *enthusiast tuned* ride something I got used to.


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I would never sell / buy a car north of $12,000 on Craigslist. That has been my golden rule. Beyond 12K - you can get some good finds and pay the dealer fees + markup and have peace of mind.
I would find a great value car - new or used and trade the CX5 in. CX5 is still somewhat desirable in the near new market but I do not know how CD reliability issues will affect that.

If Driver123 - you are looking for an SUV - last gen Rav4 Hybrids are hitting the end of their leases. A 16 model can be had within 20K USD. I can say one thing about Toyota Hybrids - they last a long time and the longer you keep them the bigger the savings are. If you are looking for sedans - I would recommend you check out Fusion Hybrid in Platinum (2017 or newer) and Hyundai Azera V6 - 2015/16. Both should have seats far better than CX5 and tons of comfort features - again under 20K.
Good quality sheepskins are super comfy. If my 2019 Sig didnt have ventilated seats, Id get some. Had them on a previous vehicle and they were amazing. Well worth the money.
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Appreciate the tip on the sheepskins. My wife is an animal lover, so animal products are out, unfortunately (another reason, in addition to the discomfort factor, why I didnt opt for the leather seats). The Coverkings cloth covers are doing the trick so far. Hope Mazda either goes with an all-leatherette or optional cloth seat covering next time around on the Touring. Otherwise, I love the vehicle.
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I have my CX-5 posted on craigslist right now for $10,500. Which looks like its about the best deal there. The problem with craigslist is the add does cost $5. And gets buried very quickly by other posts, especially dealer adds. I can see the same car posted 5 or 6 times. Not just one car but too many that it is hard for even me to find my add.
It looks like I found a buyer though. He is looking into financing right now. I asked him how he found the add. He had to put in for manual transmission only. In that case mine is the only one.

On the good side. I only posted on craigslist. But also saw it on facebook marketplace.