Bass Roll Off?

Goodmorning Guys,

I have a 2016.5 Mazda Cx-5. I noticed this since I got the vehicle but never really pursued any insight into this, well now I am. When I increase the volume on the headunit, the bass rolls off or should I say it completely gets dampened or erased. Thus, the higher the volume the lower the bass. Why is that?

Also how can I correct this, is there a specific setting I should use on the equalizer to get the maximum bass or so out of the headunit when the volume is completely maxed out?
The roll off is actually evident in many factory systems too. Same thing with the '16 Civic I traded in. I also turned off centerpoint and modded the subwoofer. Both really help the output.
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Hey Guys, the other question I have is, as stated before my head unit is non bose. I have a sub and amp connected using the PAC AOEM-MAZ2, however should I have connected the RCA to the front speakers or the rears? I connected to the rear speakers but most of my signal I believe is coming through the front, as explained before, when the volume increases most of the bass is gone and all sound mainly comes through the front, hence my subwoofer doesnt really thump as it should. Maybe if I connected the module to the front speakers, I would get more output from the subwoofer.

What do you guys think?
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2019 CX-5 GTR
@kb1824 check your fader settings make sure you haven't manually decreased the volume on the rear channel. As far as I know there is no power different front to rear if the stereo is set to the center.
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