backup and front camera - any improvement that can be done

2019 Cx-9 GT
Front camera is not so clear - is it the camera or is it the picture processing that comes on the screen - does not have clarity?
Backup camera are bad in the low light - I am not if it is with every car or it again the camera or the picture processing.
Can these improved with better cameras - any aftermarket solutions?

A nice car but these drawbacks takes out some fun !
Totally agree on the backup camera. We just traded our 2016 Toyota Highlander and the backup camera on that vehicle was WAY better than the 2019 CX-9 that we just got. I do like many of the features on the CX-9 and it is a very nice vehicle, but the backup camera on the CX-9 has Much to be desired. Definitely not up to standards and very low in comparison to other manufacturers. I am hoping that they will release a firmware update that will make it better. You can get after market cameras better than the one that came on this vehicle.

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