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Autoexe Header

2003 P5
It's a masterpiece, but for that price I'm going to make my eBay Manzo MX-6 header work!

Even with a new low-restriction cat in a custom midpipe I'll be way under half that price...


___ 323F ___
It would be closer to "masterpiece" status if it came ceramic coated already.......especially for that price.
Mazda P5
Awr uses the same setup except they have a piece in the middle with holes for more sturdiness. I want it and it's not expensive at all. And X2 on that header, sell it. To me, I need more rare parts for my Mazda.
2002 323 protege
Considering my header was in the $600 range second hand from Japan that price does not surprise me, however they really are a quality header.


Swollen Member
CP Racing is right. Pretty cool? yes. Gem? negligible. It was nice until it literally rusted apart.

The JICs are pretty rare these days too. The REAL gem there, though, was my professional wiring job for the amp and sub. (smoke)
03' silver dx
I saw a set of JIC coils for sale on eBay for $300 That needed to be rebuilt. This was several months ago and they sold quick.

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