Are Tokico HP (blue) worth it over OEM KYB?


Mazda 323 SP20
my stock struts (with 25k KM on it) were shot after 18k KM on eibach pro kit. i was in a hurry and bought oem kyb from local dealer and 5k later the structs are squeaking. the mechanics did something (probably lubrication) and it was gone for 6 months and back again.

i should have bought the tokico blues and get them done the same time. havn'd heard anything bad about them.


2002 22V Protege DX
I totally killed my stock struts from between 56k to 75k miles with Goldlines and replaced them with Tokico's and Eibach Pro Kit and its so much better. Mostly a difference in the struts I think.


I took an hour yesterday and changed my front struts over to the Tokico blues. Of course, going from blown to working gives a nice improvement in feel. I won't be able to test between good oem and good blues unfortunately.

Here's my thoughts:

The slightly decreased strut travel in the front should be offset by trimming the bushings (probably needed with Eibach Pro Kits anyhow).
The high speed damping (tiny bumps) seems very good. Over cobblestones the car felt really composed.
The low speed damping (large bumps and cornering) they do a nice job damping the transitions.

They definitely improved the feel of the car. I have OEM rears on right now as they are not leaking and seem to allow more suspension travel due to strut body length. They are Tokicos with the same part numbers as the tokico blues and are not leaking yet. I may swap out to the rear blues in the future and see what if any difference it makes.

I'm still interested in a front strut side by side comparo with new OEM kyb vs Tokico Blues. I do believe that the rear OEM is a better option though.
i too just swithced over to tokico blues. i have evotion springs. i was really expecting the ride to be alot stiffer on bumps and city driving. surprisingly the ride hardly changed. the car just felt more together.....if that makes sense. just more solid. i was almost wishing they were more stiff. but once i took my first circle onramp onto the freeway i was soooo impressed. i was able to hit 50mph by the end of the onramp without any tire squeel and hardly any understeer. actually i dont remember any understeer. did i mention i have no sway bar right now!!! i was shitting myself. i could only imagine the addition of that bar. i would highly recommend the tokicos for replacement. especially cuz i only paid 325 to my door.