Are *all* CX-9 Signatures AWD?

I know AWD is standard on the Signature trim, but can they be obtained without it? I just bought a new-to-me CX-9, and I just realized that there's oddly no "AWD" badge under the "CX-9" ... which made me a little worried. As far as I can tell, there's a rear driveshaft and diff, but it's hard to really get under the thing, and I'm more used to the simplicity of straight axles...

Someone want to assure me I didn't accidentally get the lone FWD Signature? :ROFLMAO:


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'18 CX-9 Signature
Mine is an '18, I have the AWD badge under the CX-9 badge.

One thing is for sure, all CX-9 Signatures are AWD by default with no FWD option. If you've got the chestnut interior seating, you have AWD. The rear differential is also pretty easy to see if you're looking from behind the car. Here's a comparison:


The differential will be silver in colour.

Regarding the AWD badge, I guess it's possible that the car had some damage to the rear and the shop never replaced the AWD badge. It's also possible that the previous owner removed the AWD badge themselves for some reason.