Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

2016 Mazda CX-9 GT
I just installed the latest firmware update and assume the Apple Carplay or Android Auto options will not show until I install the new USB hub and cable set? which will be delivered to me on Wednesday.
Found my answer here

After 70.00.335C Firmware is installed you can run it and can use it in car normally, BUT YOU WILL NOT SEE CP/AA availability on the Connect screen Settings, etc.
Only UNTIL and AFTER you Install the TWO NEW Genuine Mazda Parts LAST.
The link for the cmu150_NA_70.00.100A_failsafe.up and cmu150_NA_70.00.100A_reinstall.up are not working anymore. Does anyone have the files still and can re-upload them somwhere?

Thank you!
Picking up an old thread because I am new to my 2016 CX-9 T which currently has 59.00.502 NA N. Everything I’m reading says I have to take a step with 70.00.100A (failsafe and reinstall) and then finally end at the latest 70.00.367A.

The questions are:
Are these the right steps or am I reading old news?
Where can I find these files to download?
Will it matter if I download to flash drive using MacOS?