Anyone try 235/55/19 general altimax RT43

2016.5 GT AWD
w/Tech & iActive
Not specifically, but I've been very pleased running the General Altimax (different sizes than mentioned) on my 2015 Forester XT AWD and my 2002 Toyota Highlander AWD.

What do you expect to gain from the V rating that would offset the switch from the 225 H-rated spec to the 235?
mazda CX5 GT
The recommended size is a "V" rating. I would worry about warranty and insurance complications with dropping to the lower rating even though the "H" rating of 130 MPH is sufficient for a vehicle with a top speed of 120.
92 MX-3; 18 CX-5
Independent of the V versus H speed rating - the 235-55-19 is a perfectly acceptable tire size for your OEM wheels and the CX-5.
FWIW there are no warranty or insurance complications with using a H rated tire.
One must also consider...why do you want a wider tire? I have round that compound matters much more than 10mm in width, and to that end I understand the desire for compound, and upsizing to get it, but many people upsize for t he size, not the compound. I used to be one of them. I now find that a flawed rationale.
92 MX-3; 18 CX-5
I think I agree if you mean by compound that sidewall stiffness and rubber compound to get the V versus H speed rating makes a difference in how you perceive and your satisfaction with a tire. Relatively stiffer sidewalls could be expected as speed rating increases. The tire itself would have to handle more heat to get the higher speed rating - though I'm not sure how that would be perceived by the driver.
So if you want a tire designed for performance you might consider this is implied by speed rating.

But H versus V is only one step. It is bogus to suggest any safety, insurance or warranty impact. And, sometimes same brand, model and size is available as H or V (V costing a few dollars more). If that is the case assume the tire is legitimately rated V and you are going to get the same tire regardless. Look at the reviews for a specific brand and model tire and see how they are marketed - these inputs as much as anything tells you something about the design goals and whether it is a tire that you might like. Every tire trades off comfort, performance, wear at a price point. What one person concludes is a great value the next might feel very disappointed.

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