Anyone today?


More Power Made Me Slower
2000 Mazda Protege ES V6
I was driving around my hometwon of Hinsdale, NH today heading to a friends garage to hangout, and i came onto one of my favorite roads in the town, which is Route 63. Well almost as soon as i turned onto the road i had a "flock" lol i like that word, of Miatas go past me in the opposite direction, starting with two new miatas(MX-5 or w.e) and then the last one being a yellow one that looked lowered, with wheels, and a sweet looking rollbar and nice sounding exhaust.

I was just wodnering if anyone on the forums was with this group. It might have been a local group, i didnt pay attention to the plates(too busy looking at the nice cars), but i havent heard of any local miata clubs.