Anyone running H9 bulbs in their fogs?

2010 Mazda5 Touring
Im, thinking a lot about doing this mod as one fog has just blown. It would give me an increase from 55 to 65watts and only requires removing a tab on the rear of the bulb. Not looking for pros or cons (I already have info on that) I just want to know if anyone has done it and if it seemed like more glare. Also did you use a white or yellow bulb? Thanks in advance.


2012 Mazda5 Grand Touring
Can't comment on the wattage but I assume it wouldn't be much different. I've been using Nokya hyper yellow for years in my fogs and like them a lot.

edit- I take it back. 65 is brighter than 55. If the bulbs filament is in a different spot, the reflector could put the light somewhere you don't want it but it'll probably be fine.
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