Anyone Running 245/50/19 Tires?

2010 CX-9 GT, 2014 Mazda6 GT
Anyone have an update or experience with running 245/50/19's on their CX-5? Just took possession of a 2021 Carbon Edition Turbo and disappointed with . The 7 inch should be fine. I doubt whether 5mm more on each side of each rim would cause any issues, but looking for experiences...good or bad. Thanks

Edit: That's 10mm on each side as per gax below. Still shouldn't cause issues. but that's what I'm asking, is if anyone has done this and can share their experience.
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2019 CX-5 GTR
Tires were mounted, balanced and installed on the car last Saturday. Wife drove the car home from the dealership and I drove behind her. The wider tires look good on the CX-5. It makes it look more sporty. Sporty like a sporty BMW X3 or X5. I really like how they look on the CX-5.

The drive home was an uneventful drive on city roads. Speeds never exceeded 45 mph. Asked my wife what she thought about the new tires. She said she didn't feel any major difference from the stock tires, except that the car felt lighter when taking off from a stop. I asked her how it corners and she said it didn't feel that much different from the stock tires.

I got to drive it Sunday and took it on the highway and some curvy on/off ramps.
  • The car does feel lighter when taking off from a stop. Don't know the weight difference between these new tires and the stock GT tires. And to be honest didn't even consider that as a factor in purchasing these tires.
  • I cannot tell if there is more or less body roll. My judgment is clouded by the fact that I'm expecting there to be more body roll, because 245mm tires on a narrow 7 inch wheel, but I honestly cannot say for sure that there is more or less body roll. My guess is that the stiffer sidewall of the DWS06 tires is able to compensate for the relatively narrower wheel. Although it must be noted, that Continental has specified that the DWS06 tires in 245/55/r19 size will fit on a 7 inch wheel.
  • With regards to the stiffer sidewall, it didn't seem to negatively affect ride comfort at all. In fact, these new DWS06 tires are more comfy than the stock tires and I feel like they absorb bumps better than the stock tires. Of course the stock tires were probably worn down at 26k miles, but still this is a welcome change.
  • Cornering grip, even when the tire is new, seems pretty good. Accelerating from a stop while taking a right hand turn is much improved even on wet roads.
  • Tire noise seems to be decreased. When I rode in second row I felt like all I could hear was wind noise. My wife also mentioned that the car was quieter when she rode in the second row. Not that the 2016 CX-5 was a pretty loud car from the inside, but again this is another welcome change.
In conclusion, I am extremely pleased with how this turned out. I was worried that the 245 width tires would be a little too wide for the stock wheels. Thankfully it doesn't seem to be the case. The car's handling has not been negatively affected at all. Since I am a fan of the 2016 GT Vampire fang wheels, I'm more than happy to keep it with these new tires. I don't feel like I need to get wider wheels for it. These tires are cheaper than the Continental True Contacts and way cheaper than the Michelin Premier LTX, which makes me think these tires are a great bang for the buck purchase for the CX-5.

You could have actually went 255-50-19. I ran Michelin Defenders for well over 40,000 miles and never had any issues. I ran 36 PSI and had even wear. I wish I would have taken more pictures but I traded her in on a 19 GTR, (which will need tires soon).


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Hi, thanks for the intel...Any further ride/cornering reports since you have made the swap? I will keep this set-up in mind, was looking for something a little wider than stock for looks and was hoping for a little less body roll feel...Seems like you have nailed it!
'16.5 Mazda CX-5
I took a ruler and a tape measure and measure how far the tyre are from the outside arch. Front it's 20mm and rear 15mm. I am thinking of going 15mm in front and 20mm in the rear.

What do you guys think. Will this have any effect since I moved to 235/55/19 and also since I have a automatic diesel awd. Also since the spacers are different sizes rear and front.

Spacers are a REALLY bad idea. They can increase the stress on the wheel lugs. They are/were banned by some racing leagues for that reason.
2019 CX-5 GTR
Spacers are a REALLY bad idea. They can increase the stress on the wheel lugs. They are/were banned by some racing leagues for that reason.

Correction -- cheap / poorly made spacers are a bad idea. Spacers in context of the CX-5 will add nominal additional risk and are just an idea that needs evaluation and not as simple as "NO you will die!" Of course racing leagues have rules / guidelines (like helmets and roll cages) doesn't mean it applies to street usage. Of course adding a roll cage and helmet to your safety equipment in a CX-5 may yield additional survival rate in extreme crashes.

Use a quality wheel spacer (not an Ebay / Amazon generic), follow the install (torque) guidelines and you and your family will survive the daily commute and the cross country trips just fine.