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anyone near Toronto Ontario, want 2 MSPs ?

one high mileage rusty but running msp*good for spare engine tranny*.

the other one with 128k ish(i forgot exact mileage +-5kkm ) very clean paint
-1of the rear sway bar mounting hole rusted out
-rear engine mount are too stiff make the car vibrate during idle when AC is turned on. just swap out the rear mount to OEM part if u want no vibration*
-tires are all expired total 3 sets of rim.
-1 of the rear noname ss brake line leaks (got new stoptech ss brake line, not installed yet)
- driver side mirror got knocked off ( u can get spare parts from the other msp)
-bit of exhaust leak after installed ebay manifold. (i think i do have one pope and one steedspeed manifold at hand)

theres parts installed and some not installed ima gonna list later maybe

im looking to purchase a motorhome to move into. just wanna get rid of everthing

email callphy@yahoo.com if u are interested.
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