Anyone Know If Backup Lines On 2018 Mazda 3 Curve When Turning In Reverse

Did a thorough search online and in the forums and couldn't find any info. Only thing I saw was the CX-5 has this feature, but only the European version. North American model lines stay straight. Planning to purchase one for my mom and she scrapes the vehicle a lot when reversing into a parking spot.
No, I don't believe they do on a 2017 Mazda 3...

Thanks, looks like I'm gonna get my mom an Elantra instead. It's got the trajectory lines for the backup camera along with leather, smart keyless door locks and a hands free smart trunk which the Mazda doesn't have. All for $1500 less. Just wish the interior of the Elantra wasn't so ugly.


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I thought they do now? Maybe on the 2018?

Hopefully someone with a 2018, and who has REVERSED can chime in...(thought)
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Just confirming that the 2017 had straight backup lines - was annoyed. Also bought the 2017 wiring diagram. It said the diagram applies to both the 2017 and the 2018. So I'd guess they're straight on the 2018 too, but hope to be wrong.
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so I sent Mazda Canada this message-

do the guidelines for the Mazda 3 backup camera curve when the steering wheel is turned?

this was their reply (copy and pasted)

Thank you for contacting Mazda Canada and for your inquiry Currently our Mazda lineup does nit come equipped with a rotating back up camera feature.

Hope this answers your question.

Have a nice day.

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wtf is a "rotating back up camera feature"
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No many vehicles in this price range come with Heads Up Display, so I guess it's a wash.
I'd rather have HUD than curved lines, although a "birds eye view' would be nice to have, sometimes.


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no, they do not curve.

personally, I find it far easier to park when the lines don't curve. my BMW does that, had to turn the feature off.
We have one car with lines that curve (Honda Civic) and ones that don't. (my Mazda3) I find there's no difference at all in terms of use, and I wouldn't base any decision on whether or not to buy a car on that feature. It's just a gimmick. The only reason I use the backup camera at all is one of the ways they've increased the fuel efficiency is by making the windows smaller and it's much harder to see out the back than it was with my Protege5. Probably one of the very few complaints I have about the car. But I'll take the lighter weight and fuel gains, I suppose.