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anyone know how to remove roof molding (2012)?

Does anyone know how to remove the roof molding for 2012?
I have a leak on the head liner from the A pillar along the side for 3-4 inches.
I suspect it's leaking under the roof molding.

I hope it's not the same procedure as the early Mazda 5.

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2009 Mazda 5 GT
I couldn't find any M5 specific directions, just M3 websites that you say you have to pry up on them carefully and they will pop out of place.

Have you pulled back the inner trim to take a look ? Leaking around the windshield is much more common, has your windshield been replaced recently?
Thanks for the reply. I just recently bought this vehicle but I don't think it was replaced recently.
The early mazda 5 required a lot of things removed in order to undo the bolts holding the roof moulding.

I'll try to remove the A and B pillar trim to see if I can lower the headliner some to get a better look.

I've attached a picture to show where it was wet.