2017~2021 Anyone install Bilstein B6 on a CX5?


I have a gen2 CX5 from 2017, with 54k km (33k miles). I've been starting to think about replacing all kinds of stuff...So yeah along came suspension. My local dealer can order some B6s, but I doubt they can give me real info since probably nobody (as in other cx5 owners) in my country bothers to do this.

Did anyone install Bilstein B6 on a CX5 (I'm asking here cause google didn't help me too much)? How does it affect ride quality and feel vs OEM?

Thanks in advance.

Here is my post...Eibach Pro and Bilstein...20" What a perfect combination!

It now rides like a sporty Mazda6, my local dealer says that it might even drive better. And you can not compare it anymore with a standard CX-5. Direct response on everything. And yes it is still a family car for me, but it is the best suspension combination ever.