Anyone Here Get Their 2.5T Tuned Yet?

CX-5 Diesel
Interested in boosted 2.5T.

I currently own a cx5 diesel with self made tune, doing the rounds okay, but I would prefer not to go through the process of writing my own tune again..
This is more of a curiosity post than anything being very new to Mazdas.

It's been a while since I last owned a car with a turbo. I came to a CX-9 from a -yawn- Honda Odyssey, but before that necessity, I owned Saabs. I had a 9-5 Aero wagon that was stock and before that a 9-3 SE that had a stage 3 tune and many aftermarket (small, tiny, itty-bitty aftermarket) parts as well as bigger turbo, injectors, exhaust, etc.

What first got me in to tuning my 9-3 was a $40 set up called a manual boost controller. Got 30 horsepower from that $40 and a 1/4 hour install. It didn't come without risks as it wasn't computer controlled at all, but if you used it smartly, it was good fun. I'm guessing there's nothing similar to that for CX-9s? That Saab would be 20 years old now... things have changed a lot.

After reading this thread I am very surprised to hear that Mazda, a company with a much bigger market share than Saab ever had in the US, has such a limited pool of aftermarket suppliers for performance parts. CorkSport's parts look really nice and it's good to see that they are developing others for the CX-9. I'm sure there are other companies out there than make parts for the CX-9 too. But there seems to only be two tuners though. Is the Sky-Activ system just extremely difficult to tune or is there that little of a demand? Since this engine is also in the Turbo 6 sedan I would think that that would help spur demand for tuning another vehicle with the same powerplant?
2010 CX-9 GT
You can't look at Mazda's market share vs. Saab - Mazda has sold around 100k 2.5T engines total. It's a new engine that was only available in a family hauler up until recently. I'm not surprised at all that there's little aftermarket support - it's a niche market. Perhaps now that the engine is in more vehicles the tuners will come.

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