Anyone have a CX-7 with 200k miles?

2010 CX-7 2.3L Turbo
I bought my 07 cx7 used back in 2016 with 149k miles, had to change thermostat and a.c. comp twice. (First one had electrical failure covered by waranty) Now at 218k, and not really amy major issues. Replaced motor and transmission mounts recently, and ive heard from my mechanic that the driverside front bearings go out somewhat often on these. Replacing the hub fixed that issue for me. Other than an oil leak that im almost positive is in the turbo and 20 mpg, still running pretty strong.
Heck yeah! Glad to see one made it. We miss the CX-7. The Prius still hasn't had a single issue at 104k miles but it lacks the fun factor of the 2.3
i got a 2007 CX 7 with just over 72k miles. No engine issues but did go thru 3 AC compressors and my disc changer got jammed so have an aftermarket HU now. everything else stock besides K&N air filter.
Just switched to royal purple synthetic oil at 60k miles.
on 3rd set of tires but still have factory brake pads.
Did you ever fix that disc changer?