Anyone have a cx-7 with 200k miles?

2010 CX-7 2.3L Turbo
My wife and I own a 2010 turbo with no engine trouble after 70,000 miles. I am curious as to how long this car is going to last us. I am really hoping to get another five years out of it I was wondering if anyone here has a CX-7 with 200,000 miles on the original motor? We never miss major services and our religious about changing synthetic oil every 5000 miles
i got a 2007 CX 7 with just over 72k miles. No engine issues but did go thru 3 AC compressors and my disc changer got jammed so have an aftermarket HU now. everything else stock besides K&N air filter.
Just switched to royal purple synthetic oil at 60k miles.
on 3rd set of tires but still have factory brake pads.
2010 CX-7 2.3L Turbo
Sticka do you have the 2.5 or 2.3? My mechanic told me the other day (his words) that while Mazdas may not be as forgiving as Hondas or toyotas that if you change synthetic oil every 5,000 you shouldn't have any major issues. Hoping he's right!
2007 Mazda CX-7
I have 98000 miles on it. Well I have gone through 2 A/C compressors. Im running Rotella T-6. Corkspork stage two intake. knock on wood no issues yet.
2010 CX-7 2.3L Turbo
Have any of u had problems with turbo.going out or anything. Also my cd player will.not allow a cd to go.into it
I've had zero turbo issues and no prove at all with vvt. We bought the car at 54k and have over 80k on it now. I've replaced a motor mount, rear shocks, rear wheel bearings, and had the tranny flushed (was filthy). It hasn't been a Toyota or Honda in terms of reliability but it is a nice ride.
Mazda CX-7 GT
I have 77,000 miles on my 2008 CX-7 GT Edition and had the timing chain replaced, but have had no other issues at all. I am on the fence about selling it and buying a CX-5...
2007 Mazda CX-7
My 07 Turbo has 99547 miles (checked today) and runs like a charm, i bought used with 10k miles back in 08, ever since i have only fill her up with premium gas. I did the "tune-up" at 80k and new brakes at 60k.... So far so good ! I had an issue with my Bose Radio but got it in warranty fixed... Now, i installed a Navi Headunit and i have the Navi DVD unit at home (waiting to get the wire harness to install it).... After 60k i started using Mobil 1 every 4000 miles. Runs like new. But, now i have to deal with rust in the rear bumper-metal joint ....
I've just clocked 178,000kms on my cx7. Bought brand new back in 2008. Never a problem, until recently.
Turbo sounds whiny when I step on the gas, and random white smoke when I sometimes takeoff from idling at the lights. Smells like burnt oil. Mazda service have checked it and confirmed it's the turbo, however they said it's still ok and so no need to replace at this stage. Service said that the age of my car and the kms may have caused this, and so what is occurring is that at idle the pressure builds up under the rocket cover and affects the turbo. At least that's their explanation. Possibly the following have affected it.....
A year ago I was made aware the sump seal needed to be replaced on my next service.
I neglected to go back for a year...
Then 4 months ago my street was flooded after heavy rain. About 3 foot high water. It cleared several hours later. I jumped in the car and drove it until smoke appeared in the cabin. We pulled over and found twigs, leaves, grass, etc in the engine bay due to the flood. Went to an auto car wash and blew all of it out.
I also drive my cx7 hard.
So, five possible reasons my turbo is sounding as it is.
1. Did not service regularly
2. Did not change sump plug seal (it is a slow minor leak they tell me)
3. Age and kms
4. Engine bay clogged with twigs, etc
5. Driving it like a race car driver

I don't want to sell it. So I will buy the turbo and do it myself.
Get the sump plug seal fixed
Clean out the rocket cover
Hopefully get many more years .
(Incidentally, Mazda advised me I could upgrade my rocket cover.
bought mine new in 8/2007 and always dealer maintained at same dealer since new. only had AC issues and headunit replaced with after market headunit but starting at 80k miles, these are the problems I have had since-mind you its at 89,xxx miles and has been at dealer last 3 wks:

timing chain and vvt issue, about a month later got some blow by so all 4 ringlands replaced and cylinder walls honed.
month goes by then a CEL comes on-bad injector which was replaced under warranty.
another month goes by its running rough and get another CEL-dealer states looks like it might be injector again but should be ok to drive.
4 days later I cant drive it to its rough idle and wont accelerate so have it towed to dealer.
they find bad fuel line from tank is causing injectors to fail so mazda and dealer work with me to get the cost from $2500 down to $350.
they do another check before releasing it back to me, another CEL light comes on and now its the TB sensor so now it needs a new throttle body.
so thats where I sit now, waiting for it to be ready.
other than this, im very happy with car, drives great when everything works plus its paid off. my 100k ext warranty ends in july of this yr tho...
Mazda 2007 CX7 2.3L turbocharge
I just purchase a 07 cx 7 recently. 2nd hand though. would like to know is there any way to find the bose speaker as my driver side the speaker is faulty and also i want to have to a a aux input like a audio jack for mp3 player or is there any head unit which is compatible without losing the control over at the steering wheels?
I just purchase a 07 cx 7 recently. 2nd hand though. would like to know is there any way to find the bose speaker as my driver side the speaker is faulty and also i want to have to a a aux input like a audio jack for mp3 player or is there any head unit which is compatible without losing the control over at the steering wheels?
I would just upgrade the speakers to aftermarket and those bose are not that great.

I have an aftermarket kenwood h/u and it works great. you do have to buy the mazda specific adaptor, which I got from the shop that installed the h/u, to use the steering wheel controls.


2015 CX-5 Touring 2.5L FWD
Just checked 174,792 miles....but broke. Mazda dealer said turbo, best case $3,100.00 or could be double that.
That is something I've been wondering with all these late model cars going turbo, for gas mileage from smaller motors, not as much for big power. My question is: is these turbos everyone is using now a maintenance item?? How much extra servicing is required over the years?? what if it fails completely, can it leave me stranded, or power and mileage will suck until it's fixed, etc??? Any Turbo experts out there?? Are they worth the hassle, or are they really not a significant hassle at all??
2010 CX-7 2.3L Turbo
Well folks, just traded mine in. 107,000 miles and never had the turbo or vvt issues however,

Failed motor mount
Failed rear wheel bearings shocks and LCAs

A few grand into the rear suspension alone in the last couple years and I had had enough. Fun car and did great in the snow but these are fairly fragile beasts and require more maintenance than the competition. Also, 19mpg was killing us. My wife drives 23,000 miles a year.

Got a 2015 Prius 2 for $18,991 brand new getting nearly 50mpg.
2010 CX-7 2.3L Turbo
Update: 100k miles on the Prius and no issues at all. Even has original brake pads.
Anyone ever hit 200k on the Cx7?
Mazda CX 7
123k miles in a 2.3 turbo; 2009 Sport needs the following:

Power steering pump (bad leak)
Fuel pump

I'm also way behind on the oil change AND spark plugs but it's still peppy regardless and turns on just fine every time.

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