Anybody live near Simi Valley, CA? Free tuning opportunity.

'14 Mazda CX-5 GT
Burger Tuning is looking for a Mazda with the 2.5T engine in the Simi Valley, CA area to develop their JB4 tuner. They would need your vehicle for a couple of days to log data and determine the proper connectors. Whoever provides the car will most likely be compensated with a free JB4 tuner which starts around $500.

I'm considering replacing my '14 CX-5 GT with a '20 CX-5 Signature. If nobody is willing or able to go to Simi Valley after all of this dust settles, I'll consider buying my CX-5 out in So Cal and drop it off at their shop before shipping it back to IL.

For those of you unfamiliar with their products feel free to check out their site . They started tuning turbo BMW's back in 2007. I've had their JB4 on my old 335ix and MINI Cooper S. Zero issues with either, and great bang for the buck. Probably drove them 50k and 30k miles respectively without any issues or even a CEL. I have no affiliation with these guys other than being a past customer. This is the first tuner to make an effort to develop an actual performance product for these 2.5T's. Let's do what we can to help get this thing to market.

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