Android Auto User's Manual?

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I had the CarPlay/Android Auto upgrade installed in my 2018 Mazda 6 yesterday.

It seems to work fine, but since no owner's manual update is provided by Mazda, usage isn't totally obvious. This is especially true because Mazda has done the integration to utilize the Infotainment control knob and associated buttons instead of the touch screen for most CarPlay/AA functions (also voice, of course).

Has anyone seen instructions on how to control all aspects of Android Auto in this way (the option I'm using)? For example, using the Infotainment radio while also using AA Google maps navigation can be done. I stumbled across doing this, but it's not clear how to switch between the two when used together.

This integration looks like it will work well, but some instructuons would be helpful.

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I got the upgrade installed yesterday, and watched some tutorials on YouTube. I have Android while the wife has Apple. I do think Apple is far more intuitive for this interface than Android. It*s really making me consider switching to an iPhone. The dealership did give me a manual that is very straight forward. The commander switch is wonderful for this platform. I wouldn*t want to control it using a touchscreen while driving. It*s quite the distraction, but I*ll get used to it...