Android auto sound issue?

Good day everyone. I am new to this group and just bought a 2017 CX9 Signature series. I just got the android auto upgrade installed at Mazda dealership and am wondering if it was done properly?

When I am hooked up to Android auto and listening to Spotify the music plays fine and comes from all speakers. When the Google maps audio comes on and plays through the speakers, it only seems to come from left speakers as opposed to all speakers.

Is this normal or was something not hooked up properly? Reason I ask is in my 2019 Mazda 3GT hatchback, the Google maps audio comes from all speakers when I am doing the same thing (Google maps and Spotify at same time)

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Thx in advance :)
The navigation system in the CX-9 is set up to play navigation cues only from the driver speaker. Instead of lowering all the music to play the navigation cues, the music keep playing for everyone else and the navigation is « directed » at the driver only. That’s how the mazda OEM navigation system sound works and i think google maps works the same way in this car.