Android Auto Issues

I have a 2016 all but base model Mazda 3. I had android auto installed at the dealership, and have had issues ever since.

1, Touchscreen doesn't work when Android Auto is engaged. Does work when CarPlay is engaged.

2, GPS doesn't switch from day to night automatically. I had to either switch to Satellite or Night mode in order to not be blinded at night.

3, I had a JBL 140W Micro Sub installed yesterday. Now, Android Auto doesn't work right at all. Seems like it skips (like a cd) when playing music and navigating menus. I suspected that the sub is drawing too much power at first. Since Apple CarPlay works fine, I'm not so sure.

Any ideas?
1) Touch Screen shouldn't work if you have upgraded AA. I had the dealer upgrade in my 2016 3 as well, and it no longer works unless in park.

2) Turn the trip dial slightly to the left to engage night mode on the screen.

3) No clue
Touchscreen worked while using AA in every vehicle I have rented over the last few months. I travel a lot for work. CarPlay works with touchscreen in my Mazda. Just Android that doesn't. I'm hearing that Mazda prefers CarPlay and intentionally shut down the touchscreen for AA.
I doubt its anything to do with mazda prefering carplay. I have just tested the touched screen with android auto enabled and it works for me.

In regards to the day and night you may need to switch this on, just checked and the options are "Car-Controlled, Phone Controlled, Day, Night.