Android Auto / Apple Carplay tips and tricks

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Does anyone know a way to pause music while playing a playlist other than rotating the Commander knob to the pause button on the screen? Theres buttons for forward and back on the steering wheel, but no pause.

Also is there an easy way to zoom in and out on the Apple Map using a knob, or do you have to move the cursor over to the +- buttons?

This is my number one complaint with an excellent car. It seems like a huge oversight. I'm listening to an audio book, I need to listen to something else -right now! for just a minute. Seems like the call hang-up button would be good for double duty, since I won't be listening during a call anyway.

Mazda, please fix this!
Can the regular charging USB cable that comes with android phones be used for AA or does it need to be a compatible 2.1 USB cable that fits one's particular phone?
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I've been enjoying the new vehicle and Android Auto, but I noticed that Text Messages and even Calls often don't come through while connected to AA. If anyone else experiences this, it is a COMMON problem.

There is a massive thread on Android support that is talking about it, but no resolution yet. It seems to impact Android Pie more than older versions. Sigh. Hopefully this help someone, or at least reassures them a bit?