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Thanks to whoever found this. My update on my 2018 went flawlessly. Now I don't have to go to the dealer for this. (cool)


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Good day, first time posting, new owner of a 2019 GT CX5, trying to do the update and I*m not having any luck with my car reading the usb drive, tried two different ones. Any ideas?

Did you disconnect all paired devices?

Just a guess.


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2019 Grand Touring, new in April. I was having issues with the radio sticking on a station on startup, worsened to picking a random station and sticking, worsened to defaulting to Radio Sources on startup. The nav was also sticking on starting point, distance mileage and ETA. Plus the usual interminably slow boot-up (I've also got a Forester that brings up nav/radio/phone more or less instantly). Dealer did the update from .100 to .300 and it fixed all of those issues. Boot-up is at least 1/2 the time it was before, no more sticking.
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If your car is still within 3yr/36k warranty, and your dealer refused to update your firmware, just tell them you ran into all sort of glitches with it. They will do it. They can charge Mazda for the labor. Why not?
Dealers are not authorized to update firmware w/o customers explicitly complaining about it. So, do complain....

Just got mine done today during two year service. Told them the screen was playing up.đź‘ą
Excellent information in this thread...THANK YOU!

We took delivery on our Touring last month and it is running the .100 firmware. I may want to upgrade to the latest .335!

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I just upgraded the OD from 70.00.100 to 70.00.352
Also upgraded Music Database from 00.08.000 to 00.09.000

It fixed my intermittent Voice Recognition issue, and XM seems to load quicker. Now if I try to use VR before it's loaded, the banner displays a "Voice Recognition Software Loading" message. It never did that before.

So not only does VR now work 100% of the time, attempting to use it before it's fully loaded doesn't kill it for that session until I restart the car and do a from-fresh load...I just get that message and then it finishes loading and it works.

edit to add: The dealer did the update. I exaggerated my issues to prevent any pushback. The service scheduler told me that they would do the update, but that Mazda continues to be in contact with XM to resolve "ongoing issues," and that the update might not fix the issues I was having. This was on March 10.
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