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All-weather rubber floor mats for 2007-2015 CX-9, set of six, used, $100

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This is a set of six rubber floor mats for 2007-2015 CX-9. The part # is 0000-8B-N06 for the front two, and 0000-8B-N07 for the rear four. Brand new set will cost you $190 on Amazon. I will sell the entire set for $50, front two only - $10, rear four only - $45.

Rear four are near perfect.
Front passenger is very good, front driver has noticeable wear and one spot is worn through.

Local pickup is free. If you want it shipped, send me your zip code and I will let you know the shipping cost.

They are dirty in the pictures, but I will wash them.

IMG_0013 by Just_Phil, on Flickr
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