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All Season Tire Comparison/Recommendation

I've had my '19 CX-5 GT since November and love it so far. I find the stock Toyos are pure garbage and want to get some 245/55R19 for non winter seasons. Gonna use the stock 19 wheels, should fit fine. I've done some research and basically want something that has good treadwear and quiet/comfortable. I've narrowed down to the following 2:

1. Nokian Entyre C/S: Supposedly made to be extra comfortable and quiet with very good treadwear. I've never run Nokians that weren't winter tires so no idea if they are any good.
2. Continental CrossContact LX20: Supposedly a good all-arounder. I like Conti's as I currently run VC7s during winter. Is this better than the Conti PureContact or TrueContacts?

Both are the same price and come in the size I want. Any suggestions are welcome.


2016.5 CX 5 Touring AWD, 2015 SCION XB
I run the Nokian Entyre 2.0 for about 2 years now and I can tell you it's the best tire I've had, far supasses the Altimax 43s I've also run that everyone raves about on here. Don't know about the c/s. The 2.0 is super quiet and smooth, has awesome wet weather traction and dry handling.
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I have recently changed my tires to 17 inch Michelin CrossClimate SUV, I don’t know if it comes in the right 19 inch size (i saw 235/50-19 which would fit), but I used to have the Continental LX20s.

Supposedly, the CrossClimates is a do everything tire. It has a mountain snowflake symbol and was supposedly benchmarked against dedicated summer tires. I like them so far.

The LX20s were good. I liked them too but I think they have LX25s now.
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^Correct the contis are LX25 now. Good review by one of the members here.
2nd hand review of the Nokian Entyre 2.0: Brother-in-law runs these on his Acura TLX with AWD. He is a sales guy and runs these all year in the Chicago area. He gives them great review for quiet and all weather traction.
However, I don't see the Nokian Entyre 2.0 in the 245 55 19 size - only 235 55 19. Either will mount safely on our 7" wide stock wheels.
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2018 CX-5 GT
I bought 225/55/19 Michelin Premier LTX's in April 2016 for my previous CX-5 when the Toyo's wore out and absolutely love them. Some say these Michelin's wear out more quickly than several others, BUT, I only run them around 7 months a year (as I had winters on the rest of the time), and still use them. I put on about 13,000 miles/year so after 52,000+ miles I will be replacing them this spring/summer. I think I have had really good wear out of them.
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